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S&B IB-4510-D Dry Disposable Air Filter

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S&B IB-4510-D Dry Disposable Air Filter

We have had a lot of requests for a dry disposable air filter that would fit our Icebox Cold Air Intakes so we decided that we would ask S&B Filters to make one especially for Icebox Intakes. What is a dry disposable filter? Let me just tell you that it is just that....a filter that you can use and occasionally clean by using light air pressure or gentle tapping and when it has gotten to the point where you can't clean it you just toss it in the trash. You don't have to deal with messy re-oiling and cleaning of the oiled cotton filter and it much less expensive than the Amsoil Filters. Hey what more could you ask for?

This filter is exactly the same size and dimensions as the Amsoil EaAU4510 and S&B IB-4510 Air Filters and has dry filter media like the Amsoil Nanofiber air filter. 

Amsoil Pre-Filter Option

We highly recommend using a Pre-Filter to keep the filter cleaner between filter cleanings. The Amsoil EaPF20 is the pre-filter that fits this S&B IB-4510-D Air Filter and when you select your options above you can choose to add it to your order.

The IB-4510-D Air Filter Fits these Icebox Cold Air Intakes:

1989-1993 Dodge Cummins Gen 1 Icebox Cold Air Intakes

1994-2002 Dodge Cummins Gen 2 Icebox Cold Air Intakes

2007.5-2009 Dodge Cummins Gen 3 6.7L "Original Series Powder Coated Steel" Icebox Cold Air Intakes *see note below

(* Note the Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum Intakes for the Gen 3 6.7L use the the EaAU4091 Air Filters, if you have questions email or call )

Made in America

Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in the USA!

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