Icebox Intakes

Gen 3 6.7L Icebox Cold Air Intake for 2007.5-2009 Dodge Cummins

Icebox Intakes

** Close Out Price $275.00 - We have a few of these 6.7L Gen 3 Intakes. When this inventory is gone there will be no more.

Fits Year Models 2007.5-2009 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Generation 3 Diesel Pickups

Dodge Cummins Generation 3 6.7L Cold Air Intake

The new 6.7L Cummins engine gave us reason to redesign the Gen 3 intake system. It has two sensor mounts that we have machined for a nice seal and positioning of the sensors. The Icebox Intake replaces your factory air box with our large 4091 air filter and you can choose from the Amsoil Nanofiber or S&B Oiled Cotton Gauge air filters. These large air filter give your Dodge Cummins the breathing power it needs to tow your toys. Increased your horsepower and throttle response and this is the hard working intake that you need.

This intake replaces your factory intake tube with our 6" extension, 90 degree rubber elbow. Mounting clamps and brackets included.

Your Air Filter Choices

For maximum air flow the filter we designed this intake around is the largest filters that we could fit into the space and that is either the Amsoil EaAU4091 (Dry Media), the Icebox IB-4091 Premium 8 ply Cotton by S&B Filters (it comes Pre-Oiled). 

All three filters are made from the same mold and are identical except for the filter media. The Amsoil EaAU4091 is a dry filter media that you just blow off to clean and the S&B Cotton filter is an pre-oiled cleanable filter that you can clean and re-oil and re-use for many years and miles.

You can also order our Icebox Cold Air Intakes without an air filter because we sell to a lot of Amsoil Dealers and Distributors who have access to the EaAU4510 air filters.

We recommend purchasing the Amsoil EaPF13 Pre-Filter cover for either filter if you drive in dusty off road conditions. The pre-filter will not affect the air flow and it will extend the cleaning cycle of your air filter by keeping out the bigger debris. You can take the pre-filter off during regular maintenance and shake it off or wash it saving you from having to clean your air filter as often.


Stainless Steel that has been precision laser cut, formed and welded. Nuts, screws and hardware are either Stainless Steel or Zinc.  Included with your order will be Installation Instructions & mounting hardware. Designed to use your existing factory intake tube. Made in America.

C.A.R.B. Certification for California

Our Icebox Intakes are NOT C.A.R.B certified for California. Approved for Off Road Use Only in California and any State where they might have restrictions.

Expected Shipping Schedule

Typically when you place your order we will your ship your intake by UPS Ground. Allow 30 days for shipping. I have to say that to comply with FTC regulations but know that if we are unable to ship your intake in 2-3 business days for any reason we will let you know by email or phone right away.

Let us know if you have any special requests for shipping.


Made in America

Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in the USA!

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