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DPP Cool Hose

Only for your  2003-2007 Dodge Gen 3 - 5.9 Liter

Note: Price Includes Shipping

The Stock intake tube has ribs and obstructions inside that slows the air flow from the air filter to the turbo. The Cool Hose was designed to give you an un-obstructed smooth air flow. It fits our 2003-2007 Gen 3 5.9L Icebox Cold Air Intake and with the combination of the two you will immediately notice a huge difference in your throttle response and power.

There is not a better aftermarket hose like this available. This hose connects the air intake system to the turbo charger inlet in 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins equipped with the 5.9L engine.

The Cool Hose features 6 layers of silicone webbing and has an embedded stainless steel wire wrap for added strength. It insulates air flow from under cab heat while providing a smooth obstruction free path for intake air to travel to the turbo. Far superior to other hard plastic or metal "torque tubes". Installs easily in 5 minutes.

Available in Black, Blue and Red. Ships with clamps to install. Works with stock air box and many aftermarket air intake systems, especially nice with our Icebox Cold Air Intake. You will be glad you ordered a cool hose to go with your new Icebox Intake!

Contact us before ordering as the DPP Cool Hose as inventory and color choices fluctuates. We do not stock these and offer them for our customers convenience so if DPP is out we are too.

Made in America

Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in the USA!

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