Icebox Intakes

 Frequently Asked Questions about Icebox Cold Air Intakes

1. Where are your Intakes manufactured?

 All of the manufacturing and finishing is done in Colorado. All of our Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in America.

2. What materials are used in the construction of your Icebox Cold Air Intakes?

The basic construction of our Original Series intakes was powder coated 16 gauge cold rolled steel. But starting in mid 2011 all intakes are being manufactured out of anodized aluminum and as of 2012 most all of our intakes are Stainless Steel.

All screws, nuts and mounting hardware are either Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Zinc plated.

3. What filters will fit the Icebox Intakes?

Our intakes are designed to use some of the finest lifetime air filters available such as the Amsoil Nanofiber dry media filters and the S&B oiled media filters (Made specifically for Icebox Intakes). But in reality many other filters with the same size flanges and approximate filter size might be adapted to fit our intakes. So in many cases you can use your favorite filter from another manufacturers for the ultimate in usability.

4. What makes the original Icebox Cold Air Intake so special?

Our Icebox Cold Air Intakes were born out of a desire to create a better performing cold air intake only after not being pleased with the results of other intakes. The idea was to have a better filter box and filter and to encourage cooler air from out side of the engine compartment to enter the air supply to the engine. In order to do this we wanted more than just a “filter on a stick” or a filter just open to the heat of the engine compartment. The original name of the Icebox Intakes was “The Heat Shield” and that is exactly what it did. So all of our Icebox Cold Air Intakes use this same concept of shielding the majority of the heat from inside the engine compartment while at the same time encouraging the cooler outside air to reach the filter. It’s a simple yet very effective concept and the bottom line is that it works. And it works better that just an air filter stuck on the end of a tube that is open to the heat of the engine compartment. (although we carry this types of filters as a price and other option).

5. What kind of finish is on the Icebox Intakes?

Currently our intakes are made from Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum so all you will need to do with them is to wash them with soapy water or use and Stainless Steel polish.

6. I lost one of the screws that hold my lid on, what should I do?

Contact us and we will get you replacement screws and washers. In fact if you are missing any of the screws, washers or attachment bolts or washers let us know. We want your Icebox Cold Air Intake looking good and in top shape!

7. Are Icebox Intakes C.A.R.B. certified in California?

No sorry, at this time our Icebox Intakes are not C.A.R.B. Certified in California and are approved for off-road use only. 

Made in America

Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in the USA!

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