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Pre-Filter Covers


Amsoil Filters and Pre-Filters are our most popular filters. We sell them when you place your order for the Icebox Intakes but we are not able to sell these individual filters from our website. So I have created a link on each product page where you can order them from Amsoil and have them shipped directly to you.

Note: Inventory says "Sold Out" but I have no way of changing that in this situation. Just click on the Product Photo or Page and use our link on the product pages to order the Amsoil Filters and Pre-Filters that fit our Icebox Intakes.

To Order Click on Product and Click Link at Bottom of Page

Amsoil EaPF13 fits the 4091 Filters

Amsoil EaPF20 fits the 4510 Filters

No products found in this collection.

Made in America

Icebox Cold Air Intakes are proudly Made in the USA!

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