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We have been using and recommending Amsoil's Nanofiber EA alr filters really right from the beginning. In fact our Icebox Intakes were originally designed and built using the Amsoil air filters. You could almost say that we reverse engineered our Icebox Intakes starting first with the Amsoil filters and building our intakes around them.

Our 8 ply cotton oiled and dry disposable filters are manufactured by S&B air filters, who also incidentally manufactures the Amsoil Ea filters for Amsoil using their Donaldson filter media. Here is some information about the Nanofiber Technology that you might find interesting.



What is Nanofiber Technology?

Nanofiber is a phrase that generally refers to a fiber with a diameter less than one micron. Cellulose fibers, on the other hand, are larger than nano- fibers and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminants to load in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path, resulting in higher restriction and less capacity. AMSOIL Ea Air Filters incorporate a specially constructed cellulose media with synthetic nanofibers applied to the surface. Dust and submicron particles are trapped on the nanofiber surface, preventing them from lodging in the filter media depth. 

We also highly recommend the Pre-Filter covers to use with your Amsoil filter. Here is a photo of the Amsoil EaAU4510 with the EaPF20 prefilter installed.


I went online to see if I could find a video that would share about the Amsoil Nanofiber air filters and I found a video by that does a really good job of sharing about I was listening to it they even mentioned Icebox...Awesome...Thanks SyntheticWarehouse we appreciate that mention! Here is that video for your viewing pleasure....



While we offer Amsoil air filters many of our customers will either purchase their filter from their local Amsoil dealer if they are not also Amsoil dealers themselves. And that is perfectly fine with us and why we offer our Icebox Intakes with or without an air filter.

We are proud to have the Amsoil filters available for our Icebox Cold Air Intakes as we think they give you a high level of performance. Order an Amsoil Nanofiber Air Filter and Pre-Filter Cover for your new Icebox Intake today!

Read more about Amsoil Nanofiber Air Filters


Written by Icebox Intakes — January 23, 2013

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