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It's been a quest to find someone local with a nice Gen 1 Cummins to get some photos for an instruction manual. When you live outside of a major city it can be challenging to find the trucks to work on. I finally was able to get my hands on a Gen 1 after our recent move to the Las Cruces New Mexico area when a nearby customer ordered their new Icebox Intake. Dylan was happy to help.

After working with Dylan we discovered a few modifications that we could make in order to make it easier to install the air filter. Let's face it there Amsoil and S&B filters that we have designed our intakes around are just HUGE! And that means it can be tricky to get them to fit in the space. We have sent our modifications to our manufacturer and should have the first new re-designed Gen 1's in stock by the first week in December....just so you know.

Okay now here is some exciting feedback from Dylan. This was my first email from Dylan but he had just taken a trip a few days earlier and had checked his mileage so be sure to read the reply below this one too.


I meant to write you during my lunch yesterday, but ended up taking a gear oil bath at work instead haha.  So far, I'm very pleased! The sound is incredible. I feel like I'm in a little Kenworth, and any time I'm in a tunnel or riding next to a flat faced building, I can't help but get on it a little bit with the windows down.  
The throttle response has also improved significantly.  The previous owner had tweaked the injection pump a little bit, and I don't know the specifics of what they did.  As a result, I always had a fair amount of smoke just off idle when I was starting off from a stop.  With the new intake, a lot of that extra fuel I was dumping through the tail pipe has plenty of air to mix with now, and I've gone from a dark soot cloud to a moderate haze.  I'm excited to really get the pump dialed in now that I have the intake side opened up.
I'm getting ready to head to El Paso, so like I said, I'll try to get you as close of a comparison as possible for the mileage between the before and after install trips.  I'll also think of any notes I might be able to add as far as install tips go.
Thanks! It was a pleasure meeting you and being able to help you out.  If there's anything else I can do, just let me know!  Oh, and I won't forget to get you a good comparison between the Amsoil and the S&B dry filter!
Thanks again,
After Dylan took the same exact trip that he had taken a few days earlier this was his email to me.

As promised, I wanted to give you an update on how the Icebox affected my fuel economy. In a word, phenomenal.

About the truck, for reference: 1992 Dodge W350, inter-cooled Cummins turbo diesel, Getrag G360 5-speed manual, single cab, 4WD, dually. The only existing modifications I'm aware of are a slightly tweaked injection pump and a 4" FloPro turbo-back exhaust with muffler.

On the 26th of August, I fueled up at the Valero in Alamogordo, and drove directly to El Paso. I used the cruise control as much as possible, and typically set it to 3-4 MPH above the speed limit. I then refueled at the Valero near Cielo Vista mall in El Paso. The purpose of this trip was to drop my girlfriend off at the airport, so there was a very small amount (< 5 miles) of in-town driving mixed in. It took 5.686 miles to fill the tank, after driving 73.2 miles per my tripmeter. I've calculated over several trips, comparing my tripmeter reading to my GPS calculation, that in order to obtain a correct distance traveled, I must multiply my tripmeter reading by 1.2. This puts the total distance for the trip at 87.84 miles. Divided by the number of gallons, this yields an average fuel economy of 15.45 miles per gallon. This was the trip that inspired me to look at air intake options, and eventually led me to your product.

On the 29th of August, after we installed the Icebox, I needed to return to El Paso. Again, I fueled up at the same Valero in Alamogordo, and drove directly to El Paso. As before, I used the cruise control as much as possible, and typically set it to 3-4 MPH above the speed limit. I did everything in my power to recreate the driving conditions from the previous trip. The purpose of this trip was a visit to the Apple Store in Cielo Vista mall to have a service performed on my phone. As such, I did not go to the airport, and did not see the small amount of in-town driving as before. The only other differences for this trip were that I had one less passenger along for the ride, and I left a bit less than an hour earlier (receipts show my refuel time for the first trip at 10:00 AM, and for the second at 9:11 AM). I refueled at the same Valero near Cielo Vista mall in El Paso, and it took 4.671 gallons to fill the tank. My tripmeter read 73.3 miles. After correction, this puts my trip length at 87.96 miles. Divided by the number of gallons, this yields an average fuel economy of 18.83 miles per gallon.

In summary, with nothing more than the addition of an Icebox to replace a (admittedly dirty) factory air box and paper filter, my fuel mileage increased a whopping 21.9 percent, from 15.45 MPG to 18.83 MPG. I used over a full gallon of fuel (1.015 gallons) less on a roughly 90 mile trip!

Again, I tried to make this as scientific and accurate as possible. There were slight variations between the two drives, but I think it's fairly reasonable to say that the Icebox did an excellent job of improving my fuel mileage.

Thank you for marketing such a great product! Let me know if I can help you out with anything else!

-Dylan all that I can say. Isn't this awesome? Dylan thanks so much for sharing your experience with our Generation One Dodge Cummins Intake that is awesome!
If you have a similar experience that you would like to share please email me 

Written by Icebox Intakes — November 22, 2014

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